Emotional Intelligence: Luxury or Necessity?

“Emotions are for the weak.”

“Stop being so emotional over it!”

“You shouldn’t let your emotions get to you…”

How often do we come across these statements and face the downer that comes with it? A few too many times, if we are being honest.  After all, we have all been brought up in a way where expressing emotions is discouraged. From a very young age, we are taught to shun away the bag full of emotions in the corner and forget about it. In all of this chaos of mismanaged emotions, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is here to tear the bag open and manage what flows out of it. 
Emotional Intelligence (EQ), in layman terms, is understanding and managing your emotions and those of others. Sounds easy?  It’s not. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a much-needed self-awareness session with ourselves and an extension of empathy towards the people around you. 

Let’s talk about emotions.

Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Even Matters?

Think about the time when you felt lost and overwhelmed. Nothing made sense and a feeling of nothingness was all around you. Your motivation was down. You couldn’t get your head to focus on anything. All of a sudden, something got on your nerves and you just started shouting at someone. Can you guess why? Because you couldn’t understand what you were feeling. You got lost in trying to keep it together, that you lost it all over a really small thing. We dive in this deep pit of emotions and the other side is only our emotions erupting from every end. Timely management and understanding of this can actually resolve a lot of things in our lives. 

Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  trumps IQ in business? 

Can you recall a time when your boss was being unfairly mean towards you? You were doing your best, yet you were still unappreciated. And even when you knew that working under this boss could add a lot of value to your skill set, you got sick of it and left. Why? His inability to understand your emotions turned something good for you into your worst nightmare. Therefore, when it comes to retaining your employees, companies have to understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the organization. IQ can get you business but Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is what will keep it going.

That’s precisely why Mikaels Labs has started working on this much-needed skill this year. As a psychologist in charge of this training, I am conducting one-on-one as well as group training sessions with the employees. This training is a customized one, where each employee’s individuality is taken into consideration when designing individual and group activities.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) isn’t a fancy new kind of waffle that’s out in the market, but rather a very important part of the food pyramid. It is needed in companies to keep the engine running smoothly with little chaos, friction, and more laughter.

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